I really wish everyone wellbeing this time of year, especially busy Mums, Dads and Carers. Just when our bodies and brains need some rest and recharge with the dark nights and short days, life can go into overdrive. It’s not so many generations ago that people went to bed much earlier at this time of year – I actually know someone who still goes to bed at dusk and gets up at dawn.

A Shift of Focus

Last week I watched a bit of the Victorians on TV, as the guys in the barn next to us had built the whole slum, from wood. There was such huge poverty, starvation and people feeling helpless. Then something stuck in my mind. For change to occur, people had to know and understand. This happened by a photographer taking pictures of the starving children, which drew attention to the situation. This brought about reform.

A Divided Brain

Humanity is evolving all the time, and I am meeting increasing numbers of children who fit a similar pattern, which I call A Divided Brain. Part of the brains of these children is often clever, wise, mature, talented, creative, sensitive or gifted in some way. This is a crucial part of evolution. This wisdom or talent can be completely masked or hidden at times.

Supporting parents to help their kids thrive in our world today

Supporting parents to help their kids thrive in our world today

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